Repairing a PC-Engine CD's TOC

The oldest and most common problem of PC-Engine downloadable archives (mostly iso/mp3 ones) finally has its own solution.
From the joint efforts of NightWolve and myself is born TocFixer.
This tool has the ability to repair a PC-Engine CD's TOC in iso/wav form by restoring the original size of all its files.
For that matter TocFixer uses an internal database which is nothing but the reflect of the one you can check online here.
TocFixer can not only resize your iso/wav files but it can also generate a standard cuesheet for your game once the repairing is done.

To proceed launch TocFixer :

Select the game title from the dropdown combobox that you wish to repair. ( "Dracula X" here ).

Click the "Browse" button to then find the folder that contains the ISO and wave files that you wish to repair. (The files that match the game title you selected in the previous step ).
Next, simply select any one of the files ("DRACX_01" here) and click "Open".

Check the status output.
If it informs you the image is unstable, click the "Repair" button to begin the process.

Monitor the status output for any other errors that might turn up.
If the process is successful, a new CUE file will be opened up for you in notepad.
You're now ready to mount that CUE file and/or use it to burn the image for testing.

TocFixer has been created for the people who keep using the old and inaccurate iso/mp3 archives even though proper "redumps" have been released since a while.
Its goal is NOT to maintain the spreading of such erroneous archives but to allow people who downloaded them to use their games in optimum conditions without having to re-download anything else.


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